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August 4, at 12:03 pm

Some post cards…

Amy & Rob

The weather forecast was calling for rain on Amy and Rob’s big day the week leading up to the wedding.  Then a few days before, it changed to Sunday.  Wedding Day score #1. We had scouted some ubercool outdoor locations beforehand and were very pleased that we would still be able to use them.  One of the locations we scouted- a picturesque country property- turned out to belong to a relative of Rob’s.  Score #2.  We had tonnes of fun at the next location- a veritable concrete legoland, where everyone got to let loose and play… so many great shots from here. Score#3. The fun continued over at Whistle Bear Golf  Club- we got to golf cart it over to one last location- an old shack in the woods- for some photos alone with the couple before they were married.  The forest floor was riddled with trilliums and wildflowers- so beautiful and delicate- we really had to take care where to step!

The reception provided many more favorite moments- If you can tell how much a bride and groom are loved by how enthusiastically people sing for them,  well then,  Amy and Rob are very well loved. Everyone put a lot of soul into their performances but Amy’s nieces really won the crowd over with their adorable performances. Then there was the most massive group hug we have ever seen! The night was capped off by a spectacular sparkler display.

Amy and Rob- Thanks for having so much fun!