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recent photographs of interesting people

Springtime in Algonquin Park

The thought of going somewhere warm this spring had briefly crossed our minds- but the weather here has been so beautiful we thought we must take advantage of it!  As we arrived at our campsite on Mew Lake we were greeted by a duck at the waterfront  having a blast splashing around.  The little chipmunk that lived in a tree on the campsite became our little pet for the week.  New growth was beginning everywhere:  in the hardwood forests the red trilliums had a chance to shine before the canopy of maple leaves stamps out the light that allows their growth. In the marshy areas the spring peepers chimed out their chorus.  We couldn’t see these thumbnail sized amphibians anywhere but their music was shrill on our ears. Later in the week we had an encounter with a moose- beautiful, huge, but elusive- he didn’t like having his picture taken.  Moose in the spring are not too elusive- they come to the ditches by the highway to eat the salt rich plants in the wet areas from winter road salting.  On our way home, we had a second chance with a moose- this one however, didn’t mind having her picture taken at all!

Please support your parks and wildlife.


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