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recent photographs of interesting people

Zena & Rami- Wedding reception at Le Jardin

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The big day started on a perfect note with the most beautiful weekend that we have had so far this year.  We met up with theenergetic and dynamic Zena and friends for some getting ready shots and shortly after we headed to Le Jardin Event Centre where the couple would meet up.  Zena and Rami were married earlier in a private ceremony- but the moment when theyfirst saw each other was no less emotionally charged- you could definitely feel the love!  We then headed out to the quaint village of Kleinburg– where the historic buildings and picturesque storefronts would make a good backdrop for some creativeportraits.  Everywhere we went well-wishers congratulated the couple.  We took some shots in the beautiful grounds of the McMichael Art Collection– the light was out of this world and and Floyd (45mmTS-E) made it look even more so.  Back at the hall, after all guests were settled, the couple made their grand entrance with the Zaffeh- a Lebanese tradition where the groom is escorted by a group of dancers and musicians to the bride (traditionally from his house to hers).  It was quite the flurry of activity which culminated with all of the guests circling around the bride and groom, cheering and dancing. It was totally  breathtaking- you could feel the floor heaving with the sheer number of people.  What a blast!  Thanks Rami and Zena for choosing us to be a part of your day.


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March 14, at 8:54 am

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